The history of brass, alloy mainly made from copper and zinc, is part of the history and culture of the world. There are traces from Roman times and has known, over the centuries, a constant luck given by its main characteristics that makes it one of the most noble metals, soft and durable. A path which has been renewed in time, up to now, thanks to the great names of international design.

GHIDINI1961 begins from the meeting between Stefano Giovannoni and Ghidini Giuseppe Bosco, an Italian company that from over 50 years operates with skilled craftsmanship, advanced technologies and respect for the environment. 
The main idea is to put at the service of design the purity of raw materials. This with the production potential of an industry world leader in brass castings, from lighting components to interior design, specialized in die casting and machining different metals: in addition to brass, aluminum, zamak and copper.

“My family has produced brass for three generations, and the idea now of using our commitment and knowledge to the service of some of the most renowned designers in Italy and abroad and, through them, be a part of people's homes, makes us feel proud and reaffirm our life-long passion. With GHIDINI1961 we fulfil a wish.” Roberto Ghidini

Thus it was born Brass Ensemble where some of the biggest names in international design, such as: Andrea Branzi, Campana Brothers, Elisa Giovannoni, Richard Hutten, Studio Job and Nika Zupanc have been involved by Stefano Giovannoni to deal with this precious and warm material.

The first collection features around 40 pieces including chairs, tables, bookcases, consoles, lamps, as well as small and large home accessories, all born within the company following the various stages of production: from die-casting, to lost wax, sand and shell casting. From machining, drilling, threading and turning, grinding up to brushing and painting.

Quality, elegance, strength, technology to an ancient and contemporary material.
GHIDINI1961 presents itself with a strong aspiration: to become the reference point, the brass design company of excellence. A new idea of Made in Italy that looks at the world.